Eco-Vegan Pal Care Package

a customized box of plant-based goodies from your pal Whitney

A box filled with awesome vegan goods. Customized for Eco-Vegan Pals.

Whitney will choose from a selection of 200 natural products to send you a special care package.

She’ll find out what you like through a questionnaire, where you can share all your preferences.

You’ll receive 8-10 items, such as packaged food, accessories, clothing, home goods, body care, coupons and/or a book.

Every box is one-of-a-kind.

Most items will be full-size, some trial-size, all will be full-of-heart.


Limited Time Offer

Only 20 boxes are available and this offer ends on Wednesday, February 21st.

When these care packages were offered in 2016 they sold out in just 1 day!


Many items are organic and/or Non-GMO

Allergy Friendly

Most items are gluten-free. Some are soy-free. You can note your preferences, sensitivities or allergies in the questionnaire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a monthly subscription box?

Nope! This is something Whitney does on occasion as a special way to thank people like you for being part of the Eco-Vegan community. She collects items throughout the year and then ships to them out in these care packages. Isn’t it fun?

What's included in the Eco-Vegan Pal membership?

Online meetups with people all over the world. Free PDFs. Exclusive videos. Discounts on vegan stuff. A book club. A movie club. Accountability programs. And so much more. Learn all about it the online community here:

Is there a refund policy?
Because of the short timeline and limited availability, Whitney does not offer a return policy. Please only sign up if you’re willing to be surprised by the items she chooses for you based on your preferences.
Where do you ship?
Anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, most places in the U.K., Europe, Australia and beyond. If you have concerns about customs or shipping challenges, please email Whitney to see if she can ship to you.
When will my box arrive?
Whitney will pack up your box during the last week of February and ship it out by the beginning of March. Your box will be shipped via USPS priority mail, which usually takes less than 5 days to be delivered within the U.S. (longer if shipped internationally). You will receive a shipping notification email along with a tracking code.
It's sold out! Can I still get a box?

Possibly. Join the waitlist and Whitney will email you if more boxes become available. The next boxes may be available anywhere from a few weeks to a year from now.

Have a Questions?

If Whitney didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop her a line anytime.
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